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We mobilized Subway Frito-Lay's Partner Website, increasing efficiency of information transfer within the organization.

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Through the years, appSulting has been really fortunate to have worked with tons of great businesses ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 corporations. We only work with clients that we believe in and are passionate about their mobile application development projects.

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We design experiences that engage users and transform your brand's mobile presence.

appSulting designs innovative and engaging experiences that transform the way your brand connects with your mobile audience. Our tailored approach unites your brand’s objectives, with your mobile user’s needs, and designs relationship-based solutions inside the mobile channel. We have years of experience in iPhone app development and Android app development.

appSulting is a mobile first agency that specializes in

mobile application development


Our proprietary methodology - the appSulting mobile app approach- focuses on user behavior models to create a unique user experience of the highest quality.

The advent of the smart phone has forever changed the way consumers and brands interact, and created a new area of expertise for technologists:

mobile application development


mobile app development

is the process by which application software or an "app" is developed for smart phones and tablets. Mobile applications are different than websites accessed from your mobile phone.

If you are in the market for a

mobile application development

team, know that appSulting can handle projects from startup to enterprise level and will take the time to understand your needs. We are a small, driven team of mobile app dev experts with a passion for user experience. With a superb track record in bringing applications from the concept stage to market, appSulting can handle your project, no matter how sophisticated it may be.


mobile application development

expertise has allowed us to work with a variety of enterprise level brands - such as Subway Frito-Lay and Pepsi co- and forge partnerships with top tier digital agencies, such as Pinch Me.

Finding the right

app development

team is paramount, as developing a mobile app is no small feat. Mobile app developers must understand both the potential users' needs and the technology at their disposal. The quality of the user experience, or UX is of the utmost importance to an app's success. Application developers furthermore, have to consider a myriad of variables including screen sizes, hardware specifications and the evolving landscape of consumer taste.

appSulting understands that consumers spend around 2 hours and 40 minutes per day on their smart phones and tablets, with 80% of that time - over 2 hours - spent on apps. This aforementioned industry touts over 25 billion dollars in revenue, and -as brands begin to understand both the importance and power of mobile -this figure will grow as well in the coming years.

Smart Phones have a variety of operating systems, which vary from brand to brand. As such,

iOS application development

requires a different skill set than Android development. Looking for an

iOS developer

or Android developer? Well appSulting has iOS developers and Android developers.

Mobile operating systems, or Mobile OS are also found in tablets and PDAs. They typically combine the features of a personal computer operating system with features common to mobile devices (such as cellular functions, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, camera functionality, speech software, a music player, etc...) The most popular mobile operating systems include: Android, developed by Google and- for the most part- open source, Blackberry, developed by Blackberry and closed source, iOS developed by Apple, and closed source, and Windows, developed by MicroSoft and closed source.

Mobile app development

requires not only a familiarity with these operating systems, but an in depth understanding. appSulting is well versed in both

iphone app development


Android app development.

We don't just view Mobile as another screen. We understand that Mobile is a user behavior model, that when fully utilized can empower an organization to engage and retain their user base.

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